Commercial Services

Protect your business from crime and accidental damage and ensure that you have the best asset and personnel protection solutions for your industry. We offer a range of products to address all of your commercial protection concerns.

    • Fire Alarm Systems

      We install custom fire alarm systems for a large variety of applications and types of buildings. You’ll be alerted the moment that fire threatens your investment or personnel.

    • Inspection Services

      To ensure that your business is safe, we provide inspection services to make certain your fire alarm, sprinkler, backflow preventer, and security system is working correctly. We can keep your systems in compliance with all local, state, and national codes and standards.

    • Security Systems

      We can design a total prevention and protection solution to let you rest easy knowing that your business is secured.

    • Audio Visual Systems

      Our audio / visual solutions dramatically enhance business communication and decision-making. Increase productivity, reduce travel expenses, and maximize employee time with technology that creates effortless connection.

    • 24 Hour Electronic Monitoring

      Our security professionals responsively monitor your property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using sensitive electronic equipment designed to accurately perceive threats. Locations in Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, Washington DC, and Los Angeles, are networked together to give you one of the industry’s best fail safe monitoring solutions.

    • Access Control System

      Guard access to your business using custom-designed access control systems that restrict entry to those with valid authorizations. Keep track of who, when, and where personnel entered.

  • Intercom Systems

    Easily communicate with various departments of your business with high-quality voice and video intercom systems that allow you to communicate with distant colleagues at the touch of a button.

  • Flood / Leak Detection

    Our flood and leak detection technology automatically notifies you and shuts off your water system when it malfunctions in order to protect your business from costly damage.

  • Engineering Services

    Expert engineers on the ProTex staff can help you design structures and infrastructures that serve your business in ways that grow your profits and enhance your security.