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For your every security need, we have a solution. Founded by security professionals with a passion for ensuring the safety of homes and businesses, ProTex delivers the highest quality technology and best full-service customer care in the industry.

At ProTex, our highest priority is making sure that both your loved ones and your investments are totally protected.

How We Work

Our vision is of a world where our clients enjoy perfect peace of mind, knowing that their most valuable assets are protected by the finest systems available. Our mission is to bring this peace of mind at a reasonable price and with friendly and expert service.

Our philosophy is that the best protection is prevention. So we focus on designing custom life safety and protection solutions that prevent crime threats and accidental damage from arising in the first place.

We’re committed to bringing our clients cost-effective and turn-key solutions in the most efficient and hassle-free manner possible.

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Our Core Values


Value Teamwork


Focus on the Future


Challenge the Status Quo




Never Stop Learning


Always Evolving

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